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BYC Electronic Control Fuel Injection System (Tianjin) Co., Ltd.       京ICP备18044159号-1

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BYC Electronic Control Fuel Injection System (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. (BYC) , is one of Biggest Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment Manufacture in China . The predecessor is Beijing ASIMCO Tianwei Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment Stock , Co,. Ltd. BYC is making higher precision fuel system components , which are made per international standard,

products series :

■ CR products(LD , MD , HD series CR system, The power meets more than 37KW-1000KW,Off- road with emission T3-T4 and Road with emission Euorp IV and above);

■ Mechanical Pump series (A, AD, PB , P7100, PD type);

■ Mechanical Injector series (S,P type,Euro III injector);

■ Precision couple products (Nozzle, plunger, delivery valve , control valve , HPC etc);

Application for vehicle,construction machinery,agricultural machinery,vessel,generator,etc.